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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> d.c. firefighters remember a fallen colleague on what would've been his 45th birthday. get ready to bundle up for the start of the week. how low the temperatures could drop monday morning. plus, an ugly day for the redskins. what went seriously wrong in their loss to the panthers. the news starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now abc 7 news at 6:30 -- on your side. less than 30 minutes, and hyperthermia alert will be activated in the district. will temperatures are expected tonight with the chance d.c. could experience its first freeze of the season. devon lucie has your first forecast. were you playing with the maps? i saw some snow.
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devon: i certainly was playing in the belfort furniture weather center. there's nothing like that coming our way, but the first potential freeze comes in the early morning hours. our nation's capital looking great. a lot more cloud cover today. high temperature, under 50 degrees for almost everyone today. real-time temperatures, 30 showing up west, 40's in washington, setting the stage for freezing temperatures tonight. here is a look at wind, 10-25 miles per hour. here is the bigger picture, showing the reason for the cloud cover today. the northwest winds are still there and cold. how cold is it going to be where you are tomorrow morning? suburbs, mid to upper 20's, possibly around freezing downtown washington, and there's a chance we only go 33-34. almost everywhere, we should be subfreezing. in the afternoon, only up to 45. it only feels like 38.
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when the breeze goes away, sunshine warms temperatures backup. our complete outlook is just a few minutes away. kimberly: be sure to sign up for text alerts about the weather. go to dubya -- tonight,ts in brussels this in response to what police believe is an imminent threat of attacks. closed as police urge the public to avoid large gatherings. in france, police released the picture of one of the terrorists killed in the paris attacks. officers want the public to contact them with information they might have about him. for the first time, we are hearing from the rock band that performed inside the concert hall, targeted by the paris attackers. some of the members of eagles of death metal talked about the tragic day with "vice news." >> people were playing dead, and
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they were so scared. so many people wouldn't leave their friends. so many people put themselves in front of people. kimberly: no band members hurt in that attack, but a touring staff member lost his life. the band had canceled the remainder of its european to her. several d.c. firefighters gathered today to remember one of their own who died in the line of duty in may. lieutenant kevin mcrae would have turned 45 years old today. diane cho shows us how he was honored. : in a special ceremony to d.c. one of their own, firefighters along with friends and loved ones walked to remember lieutenant kevin mcrae, a father and 24-year veteran with the fire department who died on may 6, 2015. >> you don't realize how much of
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a danger it is. diane: mcrae collapsed after he helped auto a two alarm fire in this high-rise apartment building. he was the 100th d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty. here,se firefighters out you see nothing but love. diane: the d.c. city council approved a resolution declaring this day to be lieutenant kevin mcrae day, which would've been his 45th birthday. >> it's an opportunity for us to make sure the family knows we will never forget. >> he was always trying to make everybody smile. diane: the captain remembers getting the call about his fellow firefighter as if it were yesterday. >> it's very difficult. we miss him very much. everybody is still hurting and grieving. it's going to take a while. diane: mcrae's cousin was also a d.c. firefighter. he was the 99th firefighter to die in the line of duty in the fire department.
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diane cho, abc 7 news. theerly: a teenager is at hospital after an early-morning crash that killed the driver. a driver drove away from a loudoun county deputy from a traffic stop. the carn a mile later, hit several vehicles in sterling. police originally turned -- pulled the call over for not having its headlights on. a small plane had to make an emergency landing this afternoon. investigators say the plane's engine lost power, and it glided in for a landing. the pilot was the only person on board. no one was hurt. the redskins could not claw out a win in charlotte against the panthers. the panthers beat the redskins to remain undefeated. robert burton is live in charlotte with a recap of the game. they started strong, robert. robert: exactly. take awayprobably to from this game, cam , the panthers quarterback,
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known as the nfl's dance king, not a lot of dancing today. of teammates did a lot dancing and so on. let's go inside bank of america. there were some bright spots in this game. early for the skins, first quarter, look at under robertson who fields the kick at the goal line, great blocking, exploding up the field. he would go the distance, 99 yards for the touchdown. just like that, 14-14. touchdownewton passes. his fifth score went to devon french us. washington gets blown out 44-16. jay gruden says he takes full responsibility for this. >> i've got to do a better job of getting our team prepared, quite frankly. this is on me. we had too many penalties, turnovers, and these are things
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we have to get fixed. last week, we were feeling pretty good, top of the mountain. this week, the game is a humbling game. you feel like you can't do anything right. we have to make sure we ride the roller coaster, but we have to try to do the best we can to stay level. robert: a roller coaster indeed. here is the situation. and 5 -- nine penalties and five turnovers. you can't win with that against a team that is 9-0. kimberly: thank you, robert. real big bummer. some of music's biggest names are gathering in l.a. for the american music awards. catch the show tonight at 8:00 on abc seven. kidd o'shea got this awesome assignment. he is live in l.a. you, andd evening to behind me, the red carpet has opened up. as you said, the show starts at
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8:00. it is called the american music awards, but there aren't going to be many awards. it's going to be about the performances. a lot of them you will want to keep an eye on, alanna's more set added to the list, along with the demi lovato. lopez is hosting the show. she also will perform. five seconds of summer will perform, as well, and the show will end with a montage of songs from justin bieber. you will want to stick around all the way until the end of the show. taylor swift leads the way with six nominations, followed by ed shearin and the weekend with five apiece. we will be watching those. i think we are going to see a lot of taylor shift -- swift and ed shearen. another big performance, of course, is one direction. start watching at 8:00, and we will be live with our red carpet
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starting at 11:00. is there anything you want me to ask one direction when they walk by? kimberly: one direction? get an autograph for my daughter, and i will be mother of the year. [laughter] kidd: i will do that for you, kimberly. kimberly: what a great assignment. we will look for you tonight at 11:00. coming up on abc seven news -- >> mixing
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. kimberly: an iranian court has totenced jason rev ian prison for spying. the court did not say how long he would be held. the newspaper released a statement that reads in part "after keeping him in prison for 487 days, iran has produced no
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evidence of wrongdoing. his trial and sentence are a sham, and he should be released immediately." hundreds of young professionals put their cooking skills to the test to help out the less fortunate. as kevin lewis shows us, they prepared thanksgiving dishes that will be served at nearly 100 shelters this week. >> come closer! kevin: 100 millennial's crammed together. >> thank you so much for coming. kevin: to craft a thanksgiving feast for those in need. while some washed and others chopped -- >> i have four of these in my closet. kevin: we chatted with veteran volunteer ben summers. holiday, anderican i have good memories of thanksgiving growing up. it feels good that i'm helping people sure that other enjoy a meal.
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kevin: the shelter plans to serve 20,000 thanksgiving meals all across the dmz. pre-k teacher emily sonnenschein worked a green bean quality control. >> this is my way of helping out. kevin: organizers say this event is so popular that the volunteer list fall -- fills up 10 days before this cooking began. >> that's amazing. kevin: jenny diamond of cleveland park couldn't help but in vision where these party meals would turn out. >> this will end up on somebody's plate on thanksgiving day, and hopefully they will enjoy it. kevin: in northwest, i am kevin lewis. >>
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kimberly: the chilly weather has finally arrived. devon: i think we've skipped ahead to winter. though we are not there quite yet. let's take a look at our nation's capital, and we will talk temperatures. a snapshot from the iwo jima memorial. real-time temperatures, already some near freezing temperatures in the shenandoah valley. factor in the winds, and it feels like it is 37 in washington. wins at 10-15 miles per hour. anytime temperatures are under 50, you've got the wind chill factor. just the removal of warmer air from your body with the wind is what makes it feel colder. we have an area of low pressure that developed back along the cold front. winds today, they were gusty, upwards of 30 miles per hour.
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northwest winds, they are going to be around for a little while. tomorrow, we will call it breezy. this is the general idea the next two days, breezy and cold. even with the sunshine, it's going to be a cold day. it should be the first freeze for washington. to tuesday, and the wind to starts to go away. still pretty cool. we've got tons of sunshine. resetting our forecast overnight, here are your morning low temperatures. only a couple spots above freezing. annapolis, washington, i've got you at freezing. mid-to-upper 20's to start. hats and gloves tomorrow. high temperatures in the afternoon, 44 at hagerstown. it only feels like 35 with the wind chill factor. still a bit breezy. city at 44. d.c. neighborhoods, petworth, trinidad, feeling like 35 tomorrow are the same goes for
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waldorf, la plata, fredericksburg. it only feels like it's going to be 30's and upper 20's for the majority of the day. still plenty of sunshine. we will take away the wind. 50 degrees on tuesday. it will feel nicer than what we did today. abc 7 sky cast, what it should look like, we had the sky -- cloud cover today, but tomorrow, nice sunrise. a plenty of sunshine throughout the day. with the sky cast doesn't show you is the northwest winds gusting. here is a look at thanksgiving. we get past this cold start, the 60's onwarm-up, and thanksgiving. we might have a couple scattered showers saturday. i wouldn't put much stock into the rain chances. kimberly: 30-degrees spread.
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about the spread for the redskins game. let's check in with robert burton live in charlotte, north carolina. hey, robert. robert: yeah, another rough day at the nine to five for the redskins. speaking of 5, 5 turnovers. what was that? we will talk about it coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. welcome back to bank of america where the skins dropped their fifth straight road game. with nine penalties, five turnovers, you can't win against is 9-0.hat we pick things up in the first quarter. 7-0, panthers.
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kirk cousins fires deep to dish on jackson. he goes 56 yards for the score. the panthers would take the lead 14-7 on another cam newton touchdown pass. andre roberts, look at him, fields it at the goal line, gets great blocking, and explodes up the field. yards for the touchdown, and just like that, 14-14. in the second, momentum killer for washington. throws, in -- newton and kelly goes the other way for a pick six. personal follow, penalty for hitting olson to close to his head. carolina would score another touchdown. it's 21-14, panthers. the skins turned the ball over for the second time in the second quarter. matt jones gets stripped, his fourth fumble loss of the season.
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the panthers would cash in with another cam newton touchdown pass. the skins are in trouble, down 31-14 at the half. on the first possession of the third quarter, cousins turns the ball over for the third time of the game. he had one pick, and this was his second fumble. the panthers recover. swings later, cam newton it to deb and french as for his fifth touchdown pass of the game. the redskins lose 44-16. they are for-six on the season. -- 4-6 on the season. a pretty tough game to win when you are playing like that. >> that was like a 14-point swing or whatever. when they come back and score, and we drop another interception -- >> our season is not over. i'm not going to come up here and cry and say, that's the worst thing that ever happen. we will bounce back and be ready for the giants. robert: if you weren't watching
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the redskins and panthers, you were probably glued to yr television, trying to watch the hoyas of said duke. this one went down to the wire. 5.4 seconds left. georgetown trailed by only two. isaac copeland with the rebound races down the court, launches for the win. short. georgetown loses another heartbreaker 86-84. they fall to 1-3 on the season with a tough nonconference schedule. the redskins, on a roller coaster, blowing up the saints last sunday, and getting blown out by the panthers this sunday. a lot of dancing, not for cam newton, but for his teammates. kimberly:
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kimberly: set your alarm on the phone. tickets are going on sale tomorrow morning right at 9:00. this is a popular event. last year, more than 7000 tickets sold out in minutes. half of the tickets will be sold at outlets, and the other half, online. we kind of have winter like whether to go along with the santa train ride. devon: by the time we get to thanksgiving, it's not going to feel like a season. it's going to feel warmer. you've got heavy coats, hats, gloves tomorrow. to 45.y 35feel -- 45 only feels like when you take the winds into account. big shopping day, low to mid 60's, way above average for this time of year. mid 60's, way above average for this time of year. kimberly: we are going to see
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